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Pujut 7 Commercial Centre

‘Perpetuity Commercials Title’

  • located behind the famous western restaurant called Surf & Turf and a Chinese restaurant, Reunion Diner one next to the other.

Three-storey shophouses and 8-storey Hotel cum Supermarket

  • Pujut 7 Commercial Centre has perpetuity title and wide space with a professional corporate image that is perfect for a variety of business.
  • An ideal location for corporate offices, professional suites, retail showrooms, financial institutions, convenient stores, educational and fitness centres as well as entertainment and F&B outlets such as bar, pubs, fine dining restaurants, coffee shop etc.
  • With ready customer base from the industrial zone as well as from the string of residential neighborhoods in the vicinity, tenants will find excellent business opportunities and great prospects at Pujut 7 Commercial Centre.

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